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Request time!

Icon Request Time!

Post up to 10 images or links to images you'd like to see as icons in the comments! Or, feel free to suggest a subject I've iconned (TV show, musician, etc.) that you'd like to see more of. Or or or, suggest something I've never done. Just go wild, really! :)

Also, here are some icons I made in 2012 but never posted. I had meant to make more of each subject - and more of a lot of subjects! - but kept getting sidetracked... Whoops. So here are a few from The Avengers (2012) and one lonely icon of Ellie Goulding (the last icon in the second row).

Looking forward to fiddling around with those magical 100x100 squares again! :)
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February 9 2013, 00:08:14 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  February 10 2013, 02:12:44 UTC

I'm happy you're doing another request. :) I don't really have any specific images on hand. Is that okay? But I'd like my main request go towards musician Falco* icons.

*I know this one might be kind of a loop. Falco, who the hell is that? He was an 80s/90s singer. He did Rock Me Amadeus, Vienna Calling, Der Kommissar, etc. If that choice is impossible to do (honestly wouldn't blame you tbh) my backup choices would be icons from the tv series Matlock or some more Britney Spears icons. Ack, I'm in wishy washy mode.

Thank you!

I swear, I take forever to get back to people. It's March now, haha! :O

I couldn't believe how long it had been since I last did requests - 2010! I love doing them; it's a lot of fun to work on stuff I don't tend to make icons of.

No worries about images, just a name of subject or whatever is cool! And yep, I do know of Falco, but I gotta admit I haven't heard any of his work beyond "Rock Me Amadeus." I'll have to do a YouTube marathon sometime! I hope these icons are a good range of his looks through his career; I seemed to gravitate toward the tux shots for some reason.

I'll work on some Matlock and Brit icons, too! :) Thanks so much for requesting!!


March 3 2013, 03:01:20 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  March 3 2013, 03:01:50 UTC

Sorry for taking so long to reply!!

Flawless pics, I gotta say! :) Lykke Li is just so effortlessly cool, and Bat For Lashes' photos always have such a feeling about them. Like, she could just stand there and she would still convey emotion.

Anyways! Here are your icon requests - hope you like! :)

These were fun to work on - thanks a bunch for your requests! :)
thank you thank you thank you! these are stunning.
Love them! Thank you so much for making them for me. Can't wait to go try out a few. Thanks again! :)